About Us

            Green Facility Management and Solutions is a dedicated team of cleanliness specialists whose dream is to make the world a green and beautiful place! Green provides 24/7 assistance in housekeeping, pest control, sterilization, swimming pool chemical cleaning and compound cleaning of establishments such as hospitals,hostels, corporate bodies, health clubs, schools, etc.

Green Facility Management is well-recognized as one of the pioneers in providing house-keeping services in Kerala. Being the providers of mass man power, the company holds an impeccable repute in delivering excellent housekeeping agents for all your needs.Green undertakes large-scale cleaning services while maintaining quality.

Green Facility Management is highly service-oriented. ‘Where Idea Blends With Activity’ – The driving force behind Green Facility Management compels the experts at the company to constantly keep experimenting with the way greenness is maintained in households. The engineers at Green use the fastest and most efficient technologies for housekeeping. They constantly upgrade and keep abreast of the latest trends in maintaining hygiene in surroundings.

In this vibrant economy, Green recognizes the need for establishments to stand out. Green offers complete range of ‘Event Management’ services to corporate, individuals and other bodies. The personnel onboard Green Events undertakes the planning and execution of different kinds of events such as birthday parties, weddings, conferences, dealer meets, product launches, exhibitions and the like. Green Events can do all allied activities in relation to event management such as the stage decoration,venue booking, parking and security provisions, etc.

The house-keeping and event management services of Green are provided throughout the country. Detailed information about the company can be sought at : greenfmas@gmail.com.